You’ve heard of candy potato fries, mashed candy 寵物去美國   potatoes, or even sweet potato pie!

On a quest to lead more healthy lives, many people are replacing white potatoes with their vibrant counterpart, candy potatoes (maintain the Thanksgiving brown sugar and marshmallow edition).

But is the transfer safe for all our own family members?

We want to reply the maximum crucial query but — can dogs devour candy potatoes?

What is a Sweet Potato?
Sweet potatoes originated in the Americas in the 15th century, becoming a staple crop with the appearance of Christopher Columbus. In love with the taste, Columbus subsequently delivered the orange potato lower back to Spain, and with the aid of the 16th century they quick ruled European gardens.

Yams Versus Sweet Potatoes
Are candy potatoes and yams the same vegetable?

Despite the truth that the terms sweet potatoes and yams are frequently used interchangeably in the states, they’re clearly pretty extraordinary from each other.

Although each are underground tuber greens, yams are drier and starchier than sweet potatoes and are usually most effective discovered in strong point markets. Your everyday nearby grocery save likely consists of candy potatoes.

While candy potatoes have grow to be very popular in current years, you’re likely nevertheless more familiar with seeing white potatoes. Sweet potatoes, but, have extra fiber and Vitamins C and A than a white potato.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes?
The brief answer is…yes!

Dr. Gary Richter, veterinarian and member of Rover’s Dog People panel of specialists, advocates for including fresh and healthy foods like candy potatoes into your dog’s weight loss plan. He explains, “the in the direction of sparkling, whole meals diets you feed, the more healthy your dog is probably to be.”

Baked, boiled or mashed potatoes have to most effective take delivery of to puppies occasionally, however. It’s maximum commonplace to boil, freeze, and/or dehydrate candy potatoes for dogs. But be sure to start out with small quantities, your dog won’t just like the taste or they might have a touchy belly. If you want to combine candy potato into their dry kibble for extra vitamins, strive steaming or boiling the candy potatoes, whichever works great for you.

Make certain to hold your canine away from the processed and fried potatoes like French fries, potato chips, potato skins, and baked potatoes piled excessive with flavorful and fatty toppings.

The Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Dogs
Sweet potato is a safe, healthful, and herbal treat for puppies, presenting quite a number health blessings (and a candy flavor they’ll probable love). For example, candy potatoes assist a healthy digestive gadget thanks to their high nutritional fiber content material. They’re additionally low in fat and include important nutrients like B6, C, and A.


Have you ever wondered what gives candy potatoes their yellow, gold, or orange (and occasionally even red) coloring? It’s beta-carotene!

Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that helps reduce the hazard of certain types of most cancers at the same time as concurrently presenting protection towards heart disorder.

“Each Beta-carotene converts to two molecules of Vitamin A to your dog’s body, that is crucial in your canine’s imaginative and prescient, bone increase, pores and skin and duplicate,” Steve Doerr, Technical Director and Research and Development Scientist at Redbarn Pet Products said.”

Symptoms of significant Beta-carotene or Vitamin A deficiency include night blindness, bad skin satisfactory, extraordinary bone/enamel improvement, and odd reproductive improvement.

Fun Fact: Dogs can convert beta-carotene to Vitamin A. Cats can’t; they should directly consume preformed Vitamin A.

Rich Source of Fiber

Sweet potatoes are second at the list of top vegetables high in fiber.

One of the main reasons for including fiber to a dog’s weight loss program is to encourage normal, healthful bowel movements.

Sweet potatoes also are used to alleviate constipation and diarrhea, depending at the fiber kind. Some diets have higher fiber content material to displace energy, boom a feeling of fullness, and assist a puppy shed pounds.

When watching your dog, If you notice your pet time and again straining then a vet check is strongly suggested.

More Health Promoting Vitamins

According to PETMD, sweet potatoes are one of the pleasant dietary sources of nutrition A, which promotes healthful skin, coat, eyes, nerves, and muscle mass in puppies. Sweet potatoes are also a wealthy source of nutrients A, C, B6, potassium, calcium, and iron, simply to name a few!

Healthier Alternative

While it is actual that white potatoes are less expensive than sweet potatoes, they provide less dietary value. Because they incorporate greater carbohydrates, white potatoes can potentially be one in all many factors to purpose blood sugar troubles and obesity. That said, candy potatoes are also frequently carbohydrates so don’t move overboard and only add a restricted quantity for your dog’s weight loss program.

When adding any new meals for your canine’s weight loss plan, make sure to test along with your vet earlier than making the transition.

Did you realize? One cup of cooked sweet potato includes about 5.94 grams of fiber.

Sweet Potato Nutritional Information
According to the USDA, one medium baked candy potato with skin includes 103 calories, 2.29 grams of protein, 23.6 grams of carbohydrates, zero.27 grams of fat, three.8 grams of fiber and 7.39 grams of sugar.

A medium baked white potato with skin, however, contains 115 energy, 2.Forty nine grams of protein, 0.06 grams of fat, 26.71 grams of carbohydrates, 4.6 grams of fiber, and zero.Eighty one grams of sugar. Sweet potatoes also are rich in vitamins C and B, as well as potassium.

Sweet potatoes are specifically composed of carbs.

“Most of the carbs come from starch, however sweet potatoes additionally incorporate a decent amount of fiber,” Steve stated. “A medium-sized candy potato (boiled, with none pores and skin) consists of 27 grams of carbs.”

You can find more nutrition information at the legitimate USDA.GOV internet site.

How Do I Give My Dog Sweet Potato?
The excellent and simplest way to deal with your dog to candy potatoes is to steam or boil them— do now not add any seasonings to the pieces you feed your dog. These techniques help preserve greater nutritional value than roasting. And bear in mind, begin by giving your canine a small amount.

“Depending on the size of your dog, start with among a teaspoon and a tablespoon,” Steve Doerr stated. “Pet owners should seek advice from a veterinarian before feeding candy potatoes to dogs, as an excessive amount of nutrition A can cause bone issues and muscle weakness, and a unexpected growth in fiber could create gastrointestinal problems, so start sluggish!”

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